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  • Hi Glacier Knight, I will be your tutor ref for the match between QuantumDerp and Steampowered. In this thread you can read about how the tutor program works, and make sure to follow the instructions given. I also recommend going on the CAPASB IRC channel, #capasb. Information about IRC can be found here:
    I would love it if you reffed my match, I would appreciate it so much.

    I can help you if you make any mistakes as well.

    just make sure to remind Quantum Derp that you'll be refing
    Dig does not take 2 actions like in-game. It digs down with normal priority and comes out with negative priority. This means that, if you're faster than your opponent, you Dig underneath, he attacks (and fails), and you come out. If you're slower, your opponent attacks, then you Dig underneath and come out. But whether you're faster or slower this takes only an action (also, please use VM with me my PM box is almost empty)
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